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In order to choose a coach/therapist you can work with and feel good about, it’s pretty important to know his or her beliefs and what values are most important. We could write a lot here, but want to start with the most important details. First of all, we are Christian and believe every human was created by God, and apart from Him our hearts are empty. We also believe He created us for intimacy with one another and that when it is severed, depression and loneliness will result. This is why we have such a heart for mended marriages and restoration to take place. Understanding our emotions and increasing our self-awareness is critical if we are to have successful relationships whether in marriage or the job. People often make decisions based on their emotions, and that’s pretty scary if most are not even aware what they feel and/or why!


Men, even we can benefit from therapy so give it a try. God has a purpose for each of us. Scripture implores us to live by His principles, so we can enjoy life to the fullest, not so we can live by a bunch of “rules.” As we have written on the Home Page, freedom is reality and our control is an illusion, a mere attempt to play God.



We believe man is given free will and that most of life is not a series of right and wrong choices to fear but a journey with good and bad consequences. We believe the church has turned many away from God, but that those who look to the church to be perfect and without blemish are often the ones running. Preachers aren’t always right; they’re human just like us and have same struggles. We believe we are all a product of all the choices, good and bad, we have made in our lifetime. We can change despite those choices but often the consequences don’t. This is not at all to suggest, however, that brain chemistry disorders such as Bipolar Disorder are our faults or in our control. We can however choose whether to get treatment such as taking medication.


Nothing determines us; we determine our destiny with the help of spiritual influence. Finally, we believe life is too short to not have a peace and joy in our lives more times than not. Life is tough, and we often need help from others including professionals such as myself, but to stay miserable by choice is no way to live! God only knows the length of time we each have here, and I believe we should make the most of it.


Please do not think you can’t see us if you don’t hold to or agree with all of the beliefs we have. Please know though that how we counsel/coach is based on these beliefs and principles to which we adhere. The fact is that we are all capable of thinking, feeling, and behaving however we choose to. We have very open minds and rarely have a deaf ear to what people have to say. We are growing every day and want to continue to and can’t if we close our mind to others’ beliefs.


Call or email us today. What have you got to lose? Chances are if you are looking at this web-site, you are seeking help. We will answer any questions you have and not try and convince you to make any appointments. Who wants to be sold or coerced into something anyway?


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