Here at Daehnert Counseling we offer online counseling.


What IS eCounseling?

  • So now there’s eCounseling? So there’s coaching, counseling, now online counseling you may be asking? Which one is right for me?  eCounseling (Electronic Counseling) is basically counseling via email as for our services. It seems as though everything, including counseling, is passing through the web. Whether you or I like it or not, it is where we are heading in the 21st century.
  • We have found that some  folks are initially more comfortable talking via email the first time for various reasons. The biggest reason being their shame or embarrassment over an issue. This is not often the most effective way to do therapy really, but often good as a starting point for some. So if you are interested, read on below. The biggest benefit here is help is just an email away!


  1. What are advantages of eCounseling?
    • You can write an email to your counselor anytime, 24 hours a day (although you won’t get a reply immediately since we sleep and have a life too!)
        · Some clients utilize this service as an adjunct in-between sessions in order to ask questions or process thoughts.
    • No scheduling necessary, although you may do so but will be charged at the regular rate of face-to-face individual counseling
    • It’s cheaper
    • It is great if you would rather not visit a counselor in your home town; anonymity
    • You may just need some quick coaching/advice that can’t wait for an appointment
    • You don’t have to drive to your appointment and spend gas money
    • Clients often feel more comfortable, anonymous, and safe during counseling sessions. This helps you be honest and productive
    • Instead of having 50 minutes to tell your story, you have as much time as you need to write to your counselor
    • Putting your thoughts in writing often encourages good introspection and mindfulness
    • When ideas are in writing, you and your counselor can pay close attention to your words and feelings while still engaged in conversation
    • You are always in control of when you send your email and how you want to articulate thoughts.
    • As the counseling process evolves, text of past sessions is proof of your progress toward your goals.
  2. What are the biggest disadvantages of eCounseling?
    • Probably the biggest disadvantage is the lack of human contact, which I believe is necessary for true healing to occur ultimately in most counseling situations. But it’s a great place to start if you are initially hesitant to come in to my office
    • There is no sure-way to 100% guarantee privacy although we can do the best we can. There are too many geeky hackers out there that have nothing else better to do!
    • Written exchanges do not allow one another to see all the non-verbals, which is over 90% of our communication. So if you eCounsel with me, please be clear and HONEST.
    • Although you may send an email whenever you like, you most often will not get an immediate response. When in a crisis, this is not advantageous!
  3. Security & eCounseling
    • This is as secure as you want it to be; basically, don’t show your therapy emails to others (have password-protected computer) and you’ll be good!
    • What about unsecured emails sent? Are they encrypted? Typically no, so I have provided you access to the following link below to learn more about a secure email site unless you choose to send from another email account of your choosing:


    • This site will tell you all about how to share secure emails. It is free and takes only a minute (literally) to sign up. It is also recommended if you want to pursue eCounseling with Daehnert Counseling LLP.

  4. Fees
    • Client will pay $150 initially as retainer for services (which will include approximately the first 45 minutes of counseling). Client can then pre-pay for 15 minute increments at a time if that is what you tell me you want to do; otherwise, you will be charged $150 once your minutes expire and you want to continue with services.

         > Cost will be $38 per 15 minutes of email exchanges
         > The minutes are based on approximation.

         > You can pay less ($100 vs $150) if you sign up for DCLLP Concierge
    • Minutes are applied to every email read as well as typed

    • Unused minutes will not be refunded should client discontinue email exchanges.

    • Prepayment required with credit card (or check if preferred but client must wait for check to clear before services rendered).
      > You may send your credit card info securely to me one of two ways:
          1) After you sign up for ProtonMail, you may send it via email to
          2) Call 214-509-7149 and leave cc# and expiration date on secure and confidential voice mail

  5. Confidentiality
    • The same confidentiality applies here as it would in normal therapy. In fact, you will have a file as well with your records kept in it. When clients sign up for eCounseling, they will often times eventually come in person to therapy. So the biggest difference with eCounseling compared to face to face therapy is the way in which it is done.


If you are ready to take the eCounseling plunge, follow steps below:


1. Sign up for your secure account below if you'd like to where we will exchange emails:
>You may skip this step and proceed to step #3 if you would rather send from the mail account of your choosing or you prefer to text.

2. For payment, I will need you to let me know what payment method you choose to use. 
>You will soon receive a confirmation email from me verifying that I have received your secure payment and that the funds did go through.
>You will also receive a payment receipt via your safe-mail account.

3. You will need to download the following forms now and agree with the terms via email if you like:

Rights & Responsibilities

eCounseling Policies

** If you are under 18 years of age and want to eCounsel, you must have a parent download above forms and then email me so that I have permission to visit with you.


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