Here at Daehnert Counseling we offer the following services (including marriage, adolescent, & sex addiction therapy) for adults as well as teenagers ages 14 + with parental consent in Allen, TX:


Marriage & Couples Counseling/Coaching

Prepare/Enrich Trained and Certified
 (45-50 minutes)


The Gottman Institute, a research-based approach to relationships, offers Relationship Quizzes on their website.  Check it out if you'd like to learn more about where your relationship strengths are as well as areas to improve!

-> Go to our FAQ Page (#18) to see commonly questions asked about marriage/couples counseling


Premarital & Post-divorce Counseling

Prepare/Enrich Trained and Certified
 (45-50 minutes)




          (90 minutes weekly for 10 separate weeks, four times a year)
          -> Ideal for those struggling with a sex or porn addiction (see more information below under Addictions title)


Individual Counseling/Coaching

          Adults (all ages) & Adolescents (12 and up)
          (45-50 minutes)


Family Counseling

          (45-50 minutes)


Double Sessions

          (2 X 45 mins)
          -> Ideal for clients who live far away and can’t come in as often but want effectiveness


Phone/Video Counseling

          (30 minutes or 50 minutes)
          -> Ideal for a client with a sick child, one who is unable to make it to office for whatever reason, or for the person who wants to remain more anonymous
          -> Based on the current pandemic, many are choosing this as an option to avoid getting out.  We can handle everything we need to online without your  ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.  If you have any questions regarding this service, please email or text us at 214-509-7149 and let
us know!

          -> We also offer eCounseling as well.

          Access to our premium services for a small monthly fee.  Ask us about!


          On-line Counseling/Coaching


Speaking Engagements (Churches, Schools/PTA, Organizations)
          Email us to find out additional information

Therapeutic Modalities Utilized:


As far as what theories or techniques used here, well, that's a great question and one that clients often ask us.  In the field of Psychology where we study the mind, body, and soul and how they all interact, there are many great options available to us as clinicians to best treat clients.  For years I have identified myself as an eclectic therapist, which means I look for an integrative approach aimed at discovering the most effective strategies available for each person I have never believed the one-size-fits-all approach to complex human behavior made sense, so for years I have practiced mainly using CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), Existential Therapy, Family Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy mixed in with Person-Centered Therapy. 


Over the course of 23 years of practicing however, I have witnessed the last several years a positive trend in the effectiveness of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) with most of my clients.  It's the one I have seen the best results and have come to philosophically believe is one of the best, empirically (evidence-based) available.  That said, though I am not exclusively practicing with this approach, I have found it to be most effective with most of my clients than other approaches.  You and I will decide together which is the most beneficial to employ for your issues for sure!

Issues covered for all services:


  • Anger management which includes increasing emotional self-awareness of other emotional roots
  • Depression (including bipolar disorder)
  • Addictions including but not limited to Eating Disorders (including compulsive overeating), Gambling, Sex Addictions (men and women) & Drugs/Alcohol.

> Take MAST test to see about alcohol problems
> Take DAST test to see about any drug problems
> Addiction quiz included in above links

  • Addiction problems (whatever the “drug of choice”) are all alike in the root problems but are all treated in different ways depending on the client.
    • Sex or Porn Addiction:

-> How do you know if you are really a “sex addict”? Or how do you know you are not just over-sexed? Are there signs and symptoms? Is tjere a difference between a sexual and pornography addiction?  Once an addict, always an addict?  Does anyone have to know for you to get better if you are an addict? Do women struggle too with sexual addictions? Do you have to attend a 12-step group like AA or Celebrate Recovery, really? These are questions I am routinely asked and the only way to determine the seriousness of any addiction is for us to evaluate you.  It's an entirely safe and confidential environment so come and check us out!  Or contact us if you have ANY questions.

-> Take Sex Addict quiz (Click on SAST when given an option).  Once completed, email or text us (214-509-7149) and let us know your results so we can tell you how we can best help you now.  We will respond to you within a few hours unless it's after-hours.

  • Anxiety/panic disorder including but not limited to phobias, panic attacks, and social anxiety
  • Personality disorders such as borderline, narcissistic , avoidant, dependent, etc, and just about anything else
    • Take Narcissistic Quiz
    • Take Sociopath Quiz
    • Take Borderline Quiz
      • Please note from Psychcentral: "Our psychology quizzes are not meant to diagnose, but rather to help you understand whether a certain mental health or relationship issue may be of concern to you. It’s sort of like asking for a second opinion from an objective friend (as long as you’ve been truthful in your answers)."
  • Parenting issues dealing with blended families & parents being on the same page!
  • Spiritual issues and freedom from religious bondage & persecution
  • We also like to provide relief for those wanting out of bondage/guilt-ridden decision making processes of “Christian”/false beliefs that are not Biblically accurate. Our caseloads consists as well of probably 50% of married couples.
  • Stress management and identifying real source of stress vs. just a band-aid approach
  • Adolescent counseling issues such as self-mutilation, unordinary rebelliousness, relationships, depression, self-image, suicidal ideation, bullying, addictions, and maybe most importantly the Digital World that consumes most of our children!  I am very down to earth, so most find me very easy to relate.

    • Have issues with your "screenager?"  Digital media has literally taken over our kids' lives and this documentary reveals all of the issues that come along with the average of 6.5 hours/day your kid(s) spends on devices.
      • This iGen (Gen Z'ers) group born from 1995-2012 are a unique and challenging group for sure and are facing some things we've never seen the likes of.  Yes, many of the same issues we've all been through as teenagers, but these kids are dealing with such a wide variety of complex issues in this digital-media era (where information is passed along at lightning speed).   It is probably more critical in this generation than any other time for these teens to have a safe place like counseling to dump all this data they are exposed to.
  • Male teens can sometimes be more challenging at first since talking is not their thing; so I find other ways to relate to them initially and that requires more time in the beginning.

* Since we are located within Lovejoy ISD, we see many students there and are familiar with most of the administration, including principals and school counselors.  We have a good relationship established and are able to coordinate the appropriate care needed for your student.  We of course also see plenty of adolescents from other schools close by, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have regarding any coordination of care between us and the school!


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