Here at Daehnert Counseling LLP we offer a men’s therapy group here in Allen (particularly for those of you men who are struggling with a sex or porn addiction --> See SAST Assessment below) four times per year. They last 10 weeks and are designed with one purpose in mind: To teach a man how to become whole emotionally, spiritually, and physically while not neglecting his family in the process. I believe more men than not are spiritually and emotionally bankrupt, and they don’t even know it. Society has allowed the total emasculation of men, especially in our culture; as a result, men have forsaken who God designed them and gives them permission to be: real men who need to have other men to lean on and help spur one another on to greatness!


This group is not designed for the faint at heart. It’s real, raw, pushes our comfort zones to the limit, inspires, encourages, confronts B.S., and offers a genuine outlet for transformation to occur.


We started this men's group at my office over 15 years ago, and it is still going strong to date with over 100 men participating at one time or another, many of the same ones over the last several years. I've had the opportunity to witness men through the years experience the intimacy and fellowship needed in all of our lives but yet so difficult to find. Where does a man typically turn to when life gets hard? Right, most of the time towards the ditch. But where in society today can most guys head that provides an authentic, safe, and nurturing atmosphere while at the same time challenging men to “man up” and get healthy? I don't know of too many places like that outside the church, and even then men will still hide and not really be transparent there for fear of condemnation of certain words or ideas spoken much less current/past behaviors revealed. 


I think so often men feel it’s their responsibility to make their wives happy, or, prevent them from feeling any negative emotions.  It’s not. What is primarily?  To create a consistent, safe environment for all to thrive; to ensure consistent financial stability; and to consistently, relentlessly pursue emotional, spiritual and physical well-being as a man.
Do that and a relatively healthy wife will more than likely over time almost ALWAYS follow suit.
Healthy, content wives are married to men who live this way.  Period!  
So if our wives ain’t happy, either she’s unhealthy or we ain’t doing our job men!


Who’s it for? Any man (20 plus) who desires to grow from being a coward to a gentle warrior regardless the current struggles he is having. All men struggle with lust on some level and many with a sexual addiction. So many of the men in this group are struggling with marriage issues as a result. Others have weight problems or struggle with escape through alcohol. Regardless, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Who’s it not for? Any man who is not teachable or does not desire to be pushed or a man who wants to hide behind scriptures so he’s not confronted with Truth--this is NOT A BIBLE STUDY! To sum up, it’s not for a man who wants to remain a coward.


To learn more about and to see if you might qualify to be apart of this group, let us know. Not any man can participate as he must meet the qualifications.


Click here to see a list of FAQ and who can participate. Please ignore dates listed for group.

Click here to see what this group therapy is all about.

Click here to sign up for the next group or ask any questions you may have about this process.


** For those of you who think you may be struggling with a sex or porn addiction:  Take the SAST Assessment  [Click on the SAST (Sexual Addiction Screening Assessment if it asks)].  Once completed, email or text us (214-509-7149) and let us know your results so we can tell you how we can best help you now.  We will respond to you within a few hours unless it's after-hours.

We are also now offering a weekend retreat/gathering of men.  But it's not your usual “retreat” setting where you listen to a speaker for hours and then break out into groups to “share” what's going on. If you've been to a retreat like that you know guys don't really share what's going on for several reasons, the main one being it's not equipped to handle real conversations like some have experienced in therapeutic groups in the past. So, we want to offer a brief get away for you to reconnect and re-engage with other men.  It's held at a Luxury Lake House in Cypress Springs (near Mt Vernon)-->  Sleeps 15+ / Outdoor patio with fireplace / Separate fire pit / Boat house & dock /  Picturesque piney woods / High end neighborhood.  If you think you might be interested, email us and we will get you the cost, dates of the next gathering, and other information you'll need to be aware of.


As one group member and client put it, "As a compliment to Todd, more of him are needed in this world. While we may be inspiring Christ-followers we need professional ass-kicking help about our deep problems, whether it be simple as neediness but more complex as addiction or codependency. While we all need a spirit-filled church environment in our lives, I don't think we going to get the adequate help even there or through other friends and family giving us guidance. We need professional spirit-filled help with the guts to give it to us straight and Todd does that. God bless him and others like him."


“ What really is in the heart of men has been badly missed. When all is said and done, I think most men in the church believe God put them on earth to be a good boy”
"Jesus was not the poster child for pacifism; he wasn’t the World’s Nicest Guy. Christianity does not ask men to become altar boys; it calls them up as warriors."
-John Eldredge, Ransomed Heart Ministries


"To be the best man, father, husband and leader you can be, you must be in the company of good men, like men found in men’s groups. Whether they call themselves help groups, support groups, or accountability groups, the men involved are there to get what they need, and to give you what you need.

You need to hear the truth about who you are as a man. Only men who are open and honest, and want the same in return, will offer you this invaluable wisdom. Men’s groups are a place where men can take off the mask, be authentic, and receive the camaraderie, ass-kicking, good-natured ribbing, and guidance to be better men."
-Wayne Levine of Better Men Coaching


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